Friday, December 18, 2015

Data-Based School Growth Plan

Working on a data-based school growth plan has been a learning process.  Organization, time management, and a reliable team are vital components.   The process begins by creating a shared school vision with input from the school community as part of CAPE 4.  The vision must be in place to guide the school growth plan.  The vision must be communicated and revisited often to help drive decision-making. 
Once the vision is firmly in place, a school growth team is assembled.  This team should be diverse and positive.  The members will share leadership and decision making duties.  Members should be from various segments of the school and community.  The input of this team is vital to the school growth plan and its implementation.  

The team must make decisions based on data.  Analyzing multiple sources of data, the leader shares the data with the team and goals are set.  Needs assessment surveys may be needed if the data is vague.  Goals should be set and research-based interventions implemented.  
This infograph shows data from Bret Harte Elementary School.  This data was used to create the school growth plan for the 2015-2016 school year.